Robotic Mowers

If you are a homeowner who enjoys having a tidy lawn but hates the mundane task of lawn-mowing, it’s time to let modern technology do the work for you with the ultimate time-saving machine: the robotic mower.

Now, you don’t have to waste your weekends and holidays mowing the lawn; you can let the robotic mower handle it for you. Whether your lawn is large or small, robotic mowers can cut your lawn quickly and efficiently, using advanced technology to ensure the job is done right every time.


No More Petrol Spills or Tangled Cables

The days of petrol and tangled cables are gone! The robotic mower comes with its own charging station that the mower will automatically return to at the end of each job, where the battery can power up so that your mower is ready to go again next time.


Control Your Mower From Your Phone

You can control your robotic mower directly from your smartphone simply by downloading the Robomow app. With the touch of a button, you can navigate the mower, schedule how much and where you want it to mow, and even check the mowing progress. You can also get remote service from your app, with online diagnostics and technical fixes as needed.

Mow Only Where You Need To

The robotic mower comes with special perimeter cables that act as barriers. The cables are set around your lawn so that you can direct the mower to mow in certain places and not others, so you don’t have to worry about your flower beds being destroyed or an area being re-done that was previously mowed.


A Wide Selection of Mowers

The Mower Shop has a wide selection of robotic mowers, including the Viking iMow and Robomows in a range of sizes. Whether your lawn is large or small, sparse or thick, The Mower Shop has a robotic mower to suit your needs. Feel free to visit their shop in West Hadden, Northamptonshire to see a free demonstration of a robotic mower in action.