Lawnmower Service

Here at The Mower Shop, we offer a full pre-delivery and after-sales service for all machinery purchased from ourselves. Our clean and modern workshops are staffed by manufacturer-trained technicians.

At our West Haddon workshop, we have the following facilities available to provide full machinery after-sales service.

  • Expert advice on machinery issues from our experienced staff
  • Machinery collection & delivery service
  • We perform warranty repairs
  • Provide an extensive range of spare parts
  • Machinery diagnostic equipment
  • Text updates are available to keep you informed
  • A range of grinding and sharpening facilities
  • Chainsaw sharpening
  • Pre-booking services for regular machinery maintenance

We cater to all types of machinery catered for, including diesel, petrol (4 stroke & 2 stroke), electric and battery-powered. As well as traditional lawnmowers and machinery, we also offer servicing and repairs for Robomow

Our lawnmower and garden machinery workshops cater for domestic machinery servicing, as well as commercial machinery. We specialise in servicing all brands of machinery sold by us, at The Mower Shop.

Please contact our service department to book your mower or machinery service to prolong the life of your equipment and to ensure that your equipment is ready and safe to use.

Call 01788 510453 and speak to Steve Bartle for any further advice or information you may require.


About Your Mower Service

We would recommend a machine is serviced on an annual basis. The main benefit of servicing is it ensures that the machine is in full working order and is safe to use, plus avoiding break downs when the machine is in high demand. You can see some examples of machines that haven’t been serviced below, as well as the effect that this has had.

mower deck blocked

mower deck blocked 2

Mower Deck Blockage

Last years leaves and this year’s grass. No wonder it is under stress!




Picture3Air filters need changing on most services to keep a machine functioning, on the right a brand new clean air filter and on the left a ruined old air filter that needed changing immediately, so as not to impede on the machines performance as a clogged air filter can be a cause of loss of power in any machine and also if left can damage the engine.

BlockageLeaf blower Blockage

Leaf Vacuum Blower: 60% blocked solid with dirt which has been blown into the fan and blocked the casing which has worn down the fan causing extensive damage to the machine.

These are just some of the repercussions of not servicing machinery regularly.

Mower servicing can be a mystery to the general public and is often compared incorrectly to a car service.

To find out what your service is likely to cost and what’s involved, please see our guide here.